Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/27/17

  • Michael Savage is positively giddy about Donald Trump’s presidency: “Everything we ever dreamed of happening is now happening …Little by little, step by step, day by day, speech by speech, policy by policy, we’re getting America back, because I helped get Donald Trump elected.”
  • In news that should surprise nobody, Trump voters don’t care if Trump uses a private email server.
  • Bryan Fischer doesn’t want America to start bombing Muslim lands, but says that doing so would be “the most pro-Muslim thing a Christian nation can do” because “we may give Muslims around the world an opportunity not only for political liberty but spiritual freedom as well.”
  • Jonathan Cahn says that Trump’s election was the work of God and the fulfillment of 2 Chronicles 7:14.
  • Finally, one week into Trump’s presidency, Glenn Beck says that he has no reason to oppose him “because, so far, the things that he’s done, generally, I’m okay with.”