Glenn Beck: Donald Trump Is ‘Grooming Brownshirts’

Last night, Donald Trump crashed a speech Glenn Beck was delivering at a Nevada caucus site on behalf of Ted Cruz, drawing attention away from the right-wing commentator as he was beseeching people to support Cruz.

It was the latest episode in the war of words between Trump and Beck, who today denounced Trump’s supporters as “rude, vile, nasty” cult followers akin to Adolf Hitler’s Brownshirts:

There is a storm coming of biblical proportions, a storm coming beyond your recognition. When the economy collapses, when our currency is worth toilet paper, who do you want, who do you want handling our nation? You want somebody who has divide us, who is grooming Brownshirts? I was at the caucus last night. I had never seen anything like it. These Trump supporters were beyond recognition as anything I’ve ever seen — rude, vile, nasty.

Beck said that he is facing severe repercussions for his criticism of Trump, noting that his fellow radio host Dana Loesch “is going to the FBI because she’s getting death threats” and “another very famous media reporter” is now “on the highest level of security because of the death threats that’s coming in on them.”

“I’m not standing for Ted Cruz,” Beck insisted. “I’m standing for the Constitution of the United States of America. I’m standing for the principles we all swore to each other, to our families, and to ourselves on September 11th, we would never forget.”

Despite Trump’s victory yesterday, Beck insisted that he will keep speaking against the GOP presidential frontrunner: “All I heard this morning was, ‘Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.’”