Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/19/16

  • Dave Daubenmire is not happy with Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s decision to veto the “heartbeat bill”: “Our eccentric governor John Kasich is the latest one to have his private parts exposed and it is now obvious for everyone to see that he does not possess what is generally required to make a man a man.”
  • The Media Research Center’s Scott Whitlock complains that the media and celebrities are “trying to make Trump illegitimate in the same way they made George W. Bush illegitimate.”
  • Frank Miniter asks the tough questions: “Is Santa Claus, dare we say it, a conservative?”
  • Jim Garlow is outraged that “Destructives”—his name for progressives —are constantly waging “dictatorial attacks on [the] personal, religious & political liberty” of Christians.
  • FRC wants you to “Make a Gift in Honor of Mike Pence and Annoy a Liberal!”
  • Finally, Rick Joyner continues his passionate defense of Russia’s interference in our election: “Even if Russia did do this, and did it to influence our elections, who could blame them for the way we’ve meddled in their internal affairs, or those of their closest neighbors and allies …Julian Assange has yet to be caught in a lie, and he asserted that it was not the Russians who gave him the emails, but a DNC employee. He inferred that it was the one recently murdered in a supposed robbery in which not even the cash in his wallet was taken.”