Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/12/17

  • Roger Stone invites you to join him, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich and others at the “Official Deplorables Ball.”
  • Liberty Counsel asserts that “the Constitution does not protect a person’s choice of sexual lifestyle.”
  • Scott Lively offers up his own “Rules for Radicals of the Right.”
  • Erik Rush is no fan of the “Hollywood celebrities [who] have come together in their boundless ignorance and unbridled egotism to sabotage Trump’s political objectives.”
  • FAIR’s Dan Stein calls Jeff Sessions a “national hero” for stopping the Gang of Eight bill.
  • Finally, Star Parker looks on the bright side: “Some are saying that Trump has come in and is almost going to be like Constantine. Well, if he is, that could be pretty problematic in some degree, but on the other side, Constantine built the church.”