Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/12/16

  • World magazine, an influential evangelical publication, declares that Donald Trump is “unfit for power” and calls upon him to withdraw from the presidential race.
  • FRC’s Tony Perkins, on the other hand, continues to support Trump because “our country hangs by a thread over a raging fire” and he “cannot stand by and watch other Christian leaders mislead Christians by suggesting they should abstain from voting in the presidential election.”
  • On a related note, Bishop Harry Jackson, who is black, says that he’d continue to support Trump even if it is revealed that he used racial slurs.
  • Walid Shoebat says that he sees “uncanny similarities between Rob Ford’s mayoral candidacy in Toronto Canada and Donald Trump’s race for US president.” He means that as a compliment.
  • Finally, Scott Lively is currently hard at work spreading his anti-LGBT agenda in Kyrgyzstan.