Right Wing Bonus Tracks: 100 Million Angels

  • Josh Bernstein declares that Black Lives Matter is “a bunch of Marxist, America-hating gangsters and thugs who want to destroy America, kill all cops, rob, loot, and steal from the American people all in the name of social justice.”
  • Kat Kerr announces that she has posted 100 million angels in and around Jacksonville, Florida, to protect the Republican National Convention from any violence or disruptions.
  • If you send a donation to Gordon Klingenschmitt, he’ll give you a golden coin featuring President Donald Trump to help remind you to pray for the president in this election year.
  • David Lane fumes over the recent Supreme Court decision protecting LGBTQ rights: “God alone determines what is good and evil, regardless of the version of ‘truth’ upon which five secular U.S. Supreme Court Justices can agree any given day … For more than 100 years, U.S. Supreme Court Justices have been in the business of offending God’s standards of conduct.”
  • John Zmirak blames the Federalist Society for the ruling: “Thanks to either blatant incompetence, or a hidden agenda, the Federalist Society has helped unleash a wave of vicious litigation against millions of Christians in America. Tens of millions that could have been spent feeding the poor, saving babies, or teaching the Gospel will now go to … lawyers. Probably to members of the Federalist Society.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays against the ruling: “Father, nothing but your heavenly intervention and aid can turn back the darkness we face, but you have called us for such a time as this. May each and all of us who call you Lord humble ourselves before you and consecrate ourselves afresh to you and to do your will. Help us to hear your voice as never before and to act on you word. Intervene, Lord, open the eyes of your people. We must arise as one person to prayer and action. Lead and guide us to win back our nation to you!”