Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘The Left Hates White People’

  • Paul Begley believes that the Iluminati was behind Sarah Sanders’ removal from a Virginia restaurant over the weekend.
  • Al Perrotta is likewise alarmed: “The spirit that has been unleashed on this nation is one of destruction. It has but one goal. Remove Trump from office? No. You’re deluded if you think it stops there. He’s just one chunk of flesh and blood. The goal is to consume in fire. To consume common decency, to consume friendships, to consume civil discourse, to consume any hopes of compromise and problem solving, to consume our nation.”
  • Randy Boyd, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in Tennessee, will be attending one of David Lane’s “Renewal Project” events with David Barton and Mike Huckabe next month.
  • Speaking of Lane, he warns that “if America is to survive, evangelical pastors and pews must take their civic skills to the next level. We were granted a reprieve with President Trump. A Hillary Clinton presidency would have set back America for a century by, among others, stacking the Courts with godless progressives. Would we even have survived, keeping in mind that the loss of religious liberty, the loss of the right to keep and bear arms, and President Obama’s transgender military policy were just the warm-up acts?”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that “the left hates white people.”