Rick Wiles Says ‘The Synagogue of Satan’ Is ‘Crapping on the Country’

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles dedicated his “TruNews” program on Friday to defending Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has come under fire in recent weeks for statements that have sparked charges of anti-Semitism. Wiles, who is deeply anti-Semitic and dedicates many of his programs to railing against Israel and the Jews, blamed the “synagogue of Satan” for all of the problems in America.

“The power of the Israeli lobby in America is the most detrimental force in America,” Wiles said. “Our culture has been decimated through abortion, pornography, the sexual liberation movement, filthy, raunchy movies [and] television shows, vile, violent rap music and hip hop and all of it owned by the synagogue of Satan. And I cannot be a preacher of the Gospel and not confront the synagogue of Satan, even if it costs me my life. A day is coming [when] Christians are going to lose their lives as they confront the synagogue of Satan. You cannot stand for Jesus Christ and righteousness in this world without confronting the synagogue of Satan.”

Wiles likened America to a room that is “piling up with elephant dung” and while everyone is “griping about the elephant crap,” they are all unwilling to simply say that “if we get the elephant under control, this crap would leave.”

“Well, who’s crapping on the country?” he asked. “Who’s crapping in this country? Who has brought the abortion, the homosexuality, the sexual liberation movement, the vile movies? Who has attacked our Christian culture? Who has filed lawsuits to remove crosses and Bibles? Who has done it? The synagogue of Satan.”

When one of the TruNews co-hosts pointed out that Wiles gets accused of being anti-Semitic for making such statements, Wiles replied that he is actually just “anti-Satan.”