Rick Wiles Is Taking His Ministry ‘Deep Underground’ by the End of July Because ‘America’s Judgment Is Near’

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles announced on Monday’s “TruNews” program that he and his network will be heading “deep underground” by the end of July because “America’s judgment is near.”

Wiles first announced his intention to go underground last August and nothing ever came of it—but now he insists that he is serious and that he is going to place his ministry “behind a wall” by the end of the month.

“I don’t want to talk to people who don’t want to know about Jesus,” he declared. “Within weeks, sometime in the month of July, we’re shutting off the public stream. We’re going dark as far as the public is concerned in the month of July. This is the cry that America’s judgment is near.”

“We will only speak to the body of Christ that has ears to hear,” Wiles continued. “There’s no point in me doing this day after day after day. What is the point of it? To sit here all day long and tell you how bad the Supreme Court is? They’re reprobates. What do you say after that? So we are going into the emergency mode. We’re locking down. We’re not quitting—I’m just going deep underground. That time has arrived. Those who want to stay with this ministry, we will give you instructions of how you can access this ministry every day. The rest, you’re on your own.”


UPDATE: Wiles announced on Tuesday night’s show that he is already postponing his plans to take his network and ministry “underground” until at least the fall.