Rick Wiles: If Trump Wins, Democrats Intend to ‘Hunt Down and Shoot Conservative American Citizens’

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warned last week that the fact that an ad for the upcoming film “The Hunt” aired following the Democratic debate in South Carolina last Tuesday night was, in fact, a message that Democrats intend to “hunt down and shoot conservative American citizens” if President Donald Trump wins reelection in November.

Wiles, a virulent anti-Semite and conspiracy theorist whose TruNews network nevertheless regularly receives White House press credentials, first freaked out about “The Hunt,” which features a plot in which wealthy elites gather to hunt humans for sport, last year when trailers were first released, declaring that the film “was made by elite, rich Jews who hate Christians” who were “sending a message: Get ready to kill conservatives.” Amid an outcry from conservatives, the movie’s planned 2019 release was cancelled, but it is now set to be released later this month, and Wiles is outraged once again.

Edward Szall, co-host of the nightly “TruNews” broadcast, said it was no coincidence that an ad for a film that “depicts politically motivated violence” aired following the end of the Democratic debate last week, and Wiles readily agreed.

“Was this a not-so-subliminal message to the American people?” Wiles asked. “This is what’s coming at the end of the presidential election year: If it doesn’t go our way, we’re going to hunt down and shoot conservative American citizens.”