Rick Joyner: ‘We Had Just About Dealt With Racism In America’ Until Obama Came Along

In a video posted on his Facebook page over the weekend, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner blamed Barack Obama for the current rise of white supremacist groups in America.

Joyner said that those who have criticized President Trump for not denouncing white supremacists forcefully enough following the violence in Charlottesville but have not denounced Black Lives Matter “are hypocrites of the worst order” because BLM is far more responsible “for the divisions rising in America than the white supremacist groups.”

“Why do I say that?” Joyner said. “Because the white supremacist groups probably would not exist now if it had not been for Obama. They were just about fading out, we had just about dealt with racism in America.”

Joyner said that while he did not approve of Obama’s policies, he was very proud “to be a part of a nation that would elect someone from a minority like that as their president” and that he had high hopes that Obama would “help continue the healing of the racial division in America.”

“That didn’t happen,” Joyner lamented. “It went the other direction, threw fuel on the fire of racism in our country.”