Rick Joyner: Rain During Trump’s Inauguration Was A Sign Of ‘A Blessing From God’

Following Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page saying that the fact that it rained while Trump delivered his inaugural address was a sign of “a blessing from God.”

After declaring that Trump’s election was “a miracle,” Joyner explained that, with the exception of Noah’s flood, “everywhere in scripture that rain is mentioned, it is a blessing,” meaning that the presence of rain during Trump’s inauguration was a heavenly sign.

“Anywhere that rain is mentioned in scripture, it is referenced as a blessing to bring fruitfulness to the earth,” Joyner said. “And it was so extraordinary that it was like the rain held off until he stepped up to the podium and then there was just enough for people to know it was raining, and then it seemed to quit again right away. But there was just a touch and I think that was a blessing from God.”