Rick Joyner Explains The Prophetic Significance Of Hurricane Irma

Over the weekend, right-wing preachers Lance Wallnau and Rick Joyner gathered with other Christian business leaders for a “Destiny Weekend” retreat in Moravian Falls, North Carolina, where Joyner revealed the prophetic significance of Hurricane Irma.

In a video posted on Wallnau’s Facebook page yesterday, Joyner revealed a vision that had been given to the late Bob Jones, a disgraced prophet who was nonetheless a towering figure in the modern prophetic movement, that supposedly revealed the spiritual meaning of the storm that is currently battering Florida.

According to Joyner, Jones “had a visitation from a couple of angels, one of them was named Charles and one of them was named Irma.”

“The angle named Irma said she was coming to release women into a higher purpose and a higher authority,” Joyner said. “This angel came with another angel named Charles and I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday and it just got my attention when they said Hurricane Irma is following the same path as Hurricane Charles.”

“I think there is a whole lot to this,” Joyner concluded. “There is a message in these storms.”

Of course, if you bother to actually look at the tracks taken by Hurricane Irma and 2004’s Hurricane Charley, they are not even close to being on the same path: