Rick Joyner: Sin, Not Climate Change, Is Responsible for Hurricane Florence

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday in which he mocked The Washington Post for asserting that President Trump “is complicit” in Hurricane Florence, especially since everyone knows that the real cause of the hurricane is the sin of abortion.

On Tuesday, the Post published an editorial asserting the climate change is making extreme weather events more severe and destructive and that Trump’s refusal to accept this fact and take steps to address the issue is only making things worse. Joyner laughed at this idea, saying that only a lunatic would believe such a thing, since sin is the true cause of natural disasters.

“I read where The Washington Post is blaming the storm on President Trump,” Joyner said. “You gotta be kidding me. How crazy can you be? They were literally saying, ‘He has to take the blame for this storm because of his belief on climate change, or lack of belief in climate change’ … All this does is make the climate change people look like bigger nuts than ever.”

“More than dumping too much CO2 into the air or anything else, the scripture makes it clear what causes these things,” Joyner added. “It is sin. Sin, which is clearly defined in scripture. One of the worst things we could do to bring a curse on a nation is the shedding of innocent blood. What could be more innocent than the unborn? And look at what America is doing.”