Rick Joyner Says God Hid Bin Laden From U.S. To Expose Chinese Support For Islamic Terrorism

On Sunday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner appeared on YourVoice America’s “Faith and Freedom” program, where he claimed that following 9/11, he told the intelligence community that God was hiding Osama bin Laden because the extended hunt for him would allow the U.S. to uncover crucial information about the way China had supposedly being secretly using Islamic terrorism to take down America.

Joyner has previously claimed that the government contacted him in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks because the intelligence community desperately “needed somebody to help interpret and translate prophetic revelation” and that he and other modern-day “prophets” were given “encrypted phones, emails, everything and we could communicate really quick when we got something prophetically.”

On Sunday, Joyner claimed while serving in this capacity, he prophetically told his contacts that “they weren’t going to catch Osama bin Laden for a while and I told them God is going to hide him … and then I told them why God was hiding him [and] it was because, on the trail of seeking to find Osama bin Laden, they were going to find out some things they needed to know and they didn’t know and I gave them the details of some of these things.”

Joyner claimed that several years later, once federal agents had learned all the information about which he had prophesied, God finally allowed them to find and kill bin Laden.

“What I told them they would find,” he said, “was how much China was behind world terrorism and how they were using many different things, including Islamic extremism, they were inciting that against us and other things, using North Korea, because they had a long term strategy to wear us out.”

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