Rick Joyner: Recent Power Outages Were A Warning From God About The Dangers Of An EMP Attack

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday, speculating that recent power outages in parts of California and New York were caused by God as a warning to America about the dangers of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack from North Korea.

After incoherently warning that North Korea has possibly placed a “cyber weapon in [a satellite] that they can explode over the U.S.” to carry out an EMP attack, Joyner stated that power outages in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles last week were a warning from God.

Despite the fact that the outage in New York was caused by an equipment failure, the one in San Francisco was caused by a fire and the one in Los Angeles was nothing more than a brief outage at the airport, Joyner speculated that they were all caused by “radiation surges” emanating from the sun as a message from God.

“I believe we’re being protected,” Joyner said. “I do believe God is watching out for us. We would have been destroyed long ago by all kinds of things that are flying around in space, any one of which could have wiped us out. It seems like every day we survive them, how would we make it through another day if we weren’t being kept? We are being kept. I don’t think the Lord is going to let the sun do that to us right now, but I think He’s sending a little warning. To me, that just highlighted the warning how vulnerable we are to the electromagnetic pulse.”

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