Rick Joyner: ‘You Smack’ Trump ‘And God Smacks You Back’

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page today asserting that Rachel Maddow’s story about Donald Trump’s tax returns last night was a bust because God is protecting the president and will defeat anyone who tries to attack him.

“When will they learn?” Joyner asked. “Anybody just doing a cursory view of what’s been going on in relation to Donald Trump should have learned [that] everyone who has attacked him has lost.”

Joyner said that despite her intention, Maddow’s report “made Trump look good” because the president “is like the Cyrus of Isaiah 45” and is being protected by God.

“There seems to be that kind of favor of God on Donald Trump,” Joyner said. “You smack him and God smacks you back.”