Rick Joyner Claims He Provided, Interpreted And Translated ‘Prophetic Revelation’ For The Intelligence Community

Yesterday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page in which he claimed that, following 9/11, he and several other self-proclaimed “prophets” developed “a relationship with our intelligence community and our national law enforcement” because “they needed somebody to help interpret and translate prophetic revelation.”

Joyner asserted that the intelligence community “had studied every prophetic voice in the Christian community” and had reached out to him after he had contacted the FBI about a “prophetic dream” he had in which he foresaw a plane crash that would happen a few days in the future.

Joyner said that the FBI initially dismissed his warning but “then, when it happened and everything we told them about it came true just a few days later,” FBI agents visited him in person, which “led to something of a relationship; they gave us encrypted phones, emails, everything and we could communicate really quick when we got something prophetically.”

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