Frank Amedia: Chief Justice Roberts is Unreliable so God Must Create Another SCOTUS Vacancy

Frank Amedia delivers his 2018 year-end video message to followers of POTUS Shield.

Former Trump campaign adviser Frank Amedia set out his vision for the year ahead in a 45-minute video message to followers posted just after Christmas. Amedia once served as the Trump campaign’s “Christian policy liaison,” and on the night of Trump’s 2016 victory, Amedia founded the POTUS Shield “prophetic” network, which has continued to rally Trump-supporting Pentecostal Christians to fast and pray for Trump and his administration. In the video, Amedia asserted that “the Lord miraculously moved in 2016” to set up President Trump—who has a “breaker anointing”—Vice President Pence, and the church to fulfill God’s assignments for them.

One of the “major assignments” for Trump and those aligned with him, Amedia said, is to sweep the federal courts and in particular the Supreme Court. Amedia and his colleagues have repeatedly prophesied that Trump would have at least three opportunities to name Supreme Court justices in the “first season” of his presidency; and they have repeatedly prayed for God to create new vacancies on the high court by removing justices who support abortion rights—or in the case of Sonia Sotomayor, to give her a change of heart.

In his year-end message, Amedia insisted that because Chief Justice John Roberts is unreliable, it is necessary to have another Supreme Court justice whose “values and morality” reflect “a kingdom enlightenment as to what is required by God to change the law of this land now.” Amedia complained that Roberts is “at best a moderate liberal, or maybe a liberal moderate.” He said that Roberts criticizing Trump in November was God “allowing us to see that this man, too, is tainted by this anti-Trumpism.”

Striking down Roe v. Wade requires men and women of “courage” on the Supreme Court, said Amedia. And he encouraged people to be “relentless” in praying for new justices:

 “We are believing God for that third appointment, and that that third appointment is God-fearing, and that it aligns with the laws of the land that God said he would change. We’re believing God for that appointment to be done soon. There has to be a [vacancy]. We wish no ill on anybody. But we must see a vacation of somebody in that liberal side that is opposing those changes in the law of the land that we know from the pulpit God has his heart involved in.”

Amedia also told people, “We need to pray against the deep state alliance that has manacled this country,” complaining that people “caught red-handed doing things against the president” have been allowed to “slip by.” He told people to pray for a new attorney general who will “clean house.”