Trump Sycophants Love Trump Sycophant’s Trump-Loving Book, Hate Non-Christian Media

We noted on Wednesday that the marketing operation for Charisma publisher Steve Strang’s new book, “Trump Aftershock” has gone into full swing. Since then, Strang’s public relations firm has distributed laudatory blurbs for the book from other Religious Right fans of the president.

Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, is certainly in the front rank of Trump’s evangelical cheerleaders—a group historian John Fea has dubbed the “court evangelicals.” Jeffress has talked to thousands of people about Trump, according to the press release; “Without exception, they are excited about this president,” he said. So, perhaps not exactly a representative sampling.

“Without exception, they are excited about this president,” Jeffress said. “Why? Because he’s eradicating ISIS, restoring the economy and appointing conservative justices. In short, President Trump is keeping his promises, which is why his approval ratings are higher than they’ve ever been. I’m glad my friend Stephen Strang has written this book, ‘Trump Aftershock,’ which sets the record straight on the achievements of the Trump administration and the very real opposition he faces. Stephen is not only an author, he’s a journalist who heads up a Christian media company we can trust as a source of news that affects our daily lives. We need more voices like Stephen’s who are unafraid to speak the truth. Don’t believe the lies of the mainstream media. Get the facts from trusted Christian sources like Stephen Strang, Charisma News and books like this. Our president is shaking things up. He needs our support. It’s time for all of us to become informed, stand united, and call for an end to the witch-hunt investigations, fake news and hateful rhetoric of those whose agenda is to bring an end to this president and turn our great nation away from God.”

Mike Huckabee, whose statement manages to squeeze in a complaint about how “liberal bullies” treat his daughter—White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders—also slams the mainstream media:

Americans feel like watching the news has become a front-row seat to the battle for our nation’s very soul. Among the mainstream media, very little credit is given to the president for his accomplishments and his unwavering stand for conservative values and freedoms, but this important book sets the record straight about President Trump and provides insights into the spiritual aspects of Trump’s presidency as well.

Alveda King, a member of the Trump-supporting “prophetic” network known as POTUS Shield, calls Trump “a world shaker, bringing people to their knees in shock or in prayer, depending on the perspective.” Of Strang, King said:

Kudos to Stephen Strang for articulating the Strang-Trump aftershocks to Trump’s election in a straightforward and honest way. He has the courage to work the ministry of the scribe for our times.

Strang’s book, which will be released on November 6, will include a section on Trump’s accomplishments called “500 Days of American Greatness.”