Steve Strang: Trump, Like Winston Churchill, Was Called By God To Save Western Civilization

Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang, who is promoting his new book “God and Donald Trump,” asserted in an interview with End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles last night that President Trump has a Churchillian sense of destiny that prompted him to run for president in order to save America.

“I personally believe that he has kind of a sense of destiny and that’s why he ran for president,” Strang said in an interview on Wiles’ “TruNews” program. “You know, Winston Churchill was no choir boy, the Christians of the day did not like him at all … He had a sense of destiny, he felt that God had called him to save western civilization and I can only speculate that Donald Trump has some of that same [sense].”

“There was something that made him give up all the trappings of being a billionaire,” Strang added, “to try to make America great again.”

Wiles agreed, saying that this nation was on the verge of collapse before Trump was elected.

“We were just one domino from the whole thing going down,” Wiles said. “If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, I think the whole thing would be over.”