Frank Amedia: God Stopped Trump From Doing Even Worse In The First Debate

Frank Amedia, an Ohio pastor who has been working to mobilize Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians behind Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, is organizing a major prayer and fasting effort later this week in support of the GOP candidate. Promoting this project in an interview with Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang on Monday, Amedia said that a previous effort to “cover Trump” in prayer before the first presidential debate had been successful because while Trump’s performance in the debate was widely panned, it “could have been much worse” if God had not been called to step in.

“I believe that it did make a difference,” he said. “Most people said, well, Mr. Trump didn’t do a great job in his first debate. Well, just imagine what could have happened. One of the things we prayed for in that first debate is that there would be no technical glitches. Well, we find out later on there was a technical glitch, he was having a hard time hearing because of how his microphone was working. It could have been much worse.”

The prayer effort before the first debate, he said, also “really sharpened our sword” as participants learned “that we’re not playing games when God calls us to prayer, these aren’t simple prayers, this is warfare.”

Amedia reported that on October 19 he felt a “shift” in the election that was also felt by his fellow self-proclaimed prophets Alveda King, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets.

“So God has spoken to his people, to his prophets, and we’ve heard the word of the Lord that there’s a shift,” he told Strang. “And that’s where we’re at right now, Steve, we’re in a mighty shift, a tipping point. And it’s not just a tipping point for the election, it’s a tipping point for this country and, more so, it’s a tipping point for the body of Christ.”