QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Liz Crokin Complains That Her Critics Have Made Her Life ‘Hell’

Right-wing “journalist” and Trumpworshiping conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin posted a video on YouTube last night, complaining that her Shopify account had been shut down, which she said was just the latest attempt by her enemies to destroy her life.

Crokin is a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist who regularly promotes truly outrageous claims about celebrities and Democrats supposedly being involved in harming children as part of a massive Satanic pedophile ring. Crokin had been using her Shopify account to sell QAnon merchandise, but her store was recently banned for violating the platform’s terms of service, which she says is part of an ongoing campaign to ruin her life.

“They have done everything in their power to destroy my life,” Crokin complained. “Financially, legal situations, health issues, home security issues, my social life. They’ve slandered me, as you all know, in the media for four years and dozens, if not hundreds, of hit pieces trying to destroy absolutely every area of my life.”

“They have compromised people in my life that were paid to work for me, protect me,” she continued. “They’ve used lawfare, they’ve used rogue law enforcement against me. It’s been unbelievable. … I think it’s important for people to understand what someone like me goes through for speaking the truth. My life has been hell. It has been miserable actually for the past four years, and I do it because it’s the right thing to do. I care about this movement. I care about the kids, and I just feel very passionate about this movement and children. And as bad as my life has gotten, I just can’t not fight for these kids.”

“Taking me off Twitter, getting me fired from all my jobs in the mainstream media, taking down my Shopify account, hacking into all my emails, my social media accounts, harassing me, breaking into my home, you name it,” Crokin continued. “This is all about not silencing Liz Crokin, it’s about silencing the voices for the children. I am a voice for these victims, and when they attack me, they’re actually attacking these children.”

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