Liz Crokin: Trump Is ‘God’s Anointed’ And ‘Never Wrong’

Last night, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin and her friend Crystal Myers-Barber posted a video on Facebook in which they declared that President Trump “is never wrong,” that he has been divinely anointed and that anyone who attacks him will be punished by God.

Discussing Trump’s recent tweet insinuating that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had something to do with the death of an intern who worked in his office back when he was in Congress, Crokin declared that when Trump “tweets something, he is never wrong [because] President Trump is 15 steps ahead of everyone else.”

“Everything Trump says is eventually proven to be true,” she said. “Trump would not make an allegation suggesting that Joe Scarborough had something to do with an intern’s murder if it wasn’t true.”

Crokin said that Trump is an amazing person for having the patience to deal with a murderer like Scarborough attacking him on television every day without lashing out, which Myers-Baber attributed to Trump’s deep Christian faith.

“We can see the fruit of Jesus manifesting in his life,” Myers-Barber said. “He has a prophetic nature about him. It is like God is guiding him and he is very protected.”

“God is guiding him and he is God’s anointed,” Crokin agreed, citing the claims of self-appointed “prophet” Mark Taylor, who has declared that anyone who criticizes Trump will be taken down by God.

Crokin then insisted that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham’s broken ankle was divine retribution, falsely alleging that Beckham “lifted his leg during the national anthem and said that he was peeing on President Trump.”

The incident described by Crokin is a wild misrepresentation of what actually happened, but she nonetheless saw Beckham’s injury as proof that “anyone that tries to hurt President Trump is immediately shot down.”