Liz Crokin: We’ll Soon See More Than 20,000 People Arrested For ‘The Rape, Torture And Sacrifice Of Children’

Last week, fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald,” where she predicted that, thanks to President Trump, we will soon see “literally thousands of people” arrested for “the rape, torture and sacrifice of children.”

Crokin asserted that the recent death of Swedish musician Avicii was tied to the fact that he was supposedly “exposing elite pedophile rings in his videos” and also claimed that the deaths of other musicians like Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Prodigy of Mobb Deep were likewise linked to this issue.

“I believe there will be literally thousands of people involved in the rape, torture and sacrifice of children,” Crokin predicted. “When I say thousands, I mean like over twenty thousand people who will be charged and convicted.”

Later in the program, Crokin and McDonald discussed the right’s new love affair with rapper Kanye West, with Crokin asserting that West was involuntarily hospitalized in 2016 because he was about to expose the fact that fellow rapper Jay-Z was having people killed.

“Kanye West, say what you want to say about him, but he has exposed a lot of dark truths that are going on in the entertainment and the music industry,” Crokin said, claiming that she has personal ties to West and to various people who are close to him.

Crokin asserted that West’s reference to “the sunken place” from the film “Get Out” was proof that he is “no longer under mind control.”

“Kanye keeps making references to that movie,” she said. “By Kanye saying, ‘I’m out of the sunken place’—Kim Kardashian also tweeted he is no longer in the sunken place—they are basically saying he is no longer under mind control. By the definition of what the sunken place is by the man who created this movie, or directed it, it’s when you’re in a state of mind control. So you have him and Kim Kardashian both affirming that he was under mind control and this is very common in Hollywood and this is very widespread in Hollywood.”