‘Prophet’ Sundar Selvaraj: Christians Who Refuse To Support Trump Have ‘The Spirit Of The Antichrist’

On his television program last week, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker led his audience in prayer for the protection of President Trump, who is supposedly under attack from the Antichrist spirit as he carries out God’s work of restoring righteousness to the world.

Bakker asked his guest, so-called “prophet” Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, why some Christians still refuse to support Trump. Selvaraj replied that such people are not really Christians at all, but are actually tools of the devil..

“They appear like a sheep among the sheepfold, among Christianity, but they are not of God,” Selvaraj said. “It’s the devil who has planted them, so they have the spirit of what the Apostle John calls the spirit of the Antichrist in them. So it is they who stir up the people and stir up the hornet’s nest against a righteous king, a righteous man, so that either he is moved out of office or so discouraged that he cannot stand up for righteousness that he will end up compromising.”

Bakker then led his audience in prayer that God will protect Trump, end abortion, and save America.

When the prayer was over, Selvaraj added that Christians should also pray for Trump when he travels oversees carrying out God’s mission of spreading righteousness.

“Because he’s God’s chosen righteousness man,” Selvaraj said, “God will use him to effect righteousness on other world leaders and turn other nations around to righteousness.”