Sundar Selvaraj: Trump Is The ‘Doorway’ Through Which God Will ‘Cleanse This Nation Of All The Filth’

On his television program yesterday, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker continued his interview with Sundar Selvaraj, who claimed that President Trump will lead this nation in repentance before God and will serve as the “doorway” through which angels can finally “cleanse this nation of all the filth.”

Slevaraj said that Trump “will sit in sackcloth and ashes” and lead America in repentance “because he is God’s man to stand in the gap for this nation.”

“God has chosen him to stand as like the king of the nation,” he said. “And because of his God-fearingness, he becomes now a doorway for God and the angels to come through into this nation for one purpose: to cleanse this nation of all the filth, of all that mess, so that God can pour out His spirit, His Last Days powers of the age to come, upon this nation so that this nation will once again become a God nation.”

Later in the broadcast, Bakker ranted that “we have a hunting program going on to destroy the president of the United States and no one is stopping it! The very person God has given to our nation to save our country is being hunted to be destroyed.”