Jim Bakker: Mocking Trump Is ‘The Spirit Of Antichrist’

Today on “The Jim Bakker Show,” televangelist Jim Bakker spoke about social division and tensions, which he linked to the First Horseman of the Apocalypse.

One sign of such an evil spirit, he said, is the hateful and mocking speech that people use towards President Trump.

“It seems like there is a hatred among peoples and this is satanic,” he said. “This is the White Horse of the Apocalypse. The White Horse of the Apocalypse is the first horse. It’s a horse of speech. It’s a horse of spirit. And the spirit of Antichrist is out now. This is what you’re seeing. You want to know what the Antichrist spirit looks like? That’s what’s going on in America. These people mocking the president. The words they use. The speech they use. That’s the spirit of Antichrist. That’s the spirit of hatred.”

Previously, Bakker said that those who “blaspheme” Trump are bringing about the End Times.