‘Prophet’ Selvaraj Says God Gave Us Trump To Bring Righteousness To America

"Prophet" Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj appeared on Jim Bakker's television show. (Image from YouTube video of broadcast)

Among the  “prophets” who make the rounds of Religious Right media declaring that Trump was chosen by God to be the U.S. president is Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, who appeared on Jim Bakker’s television show this week.

Selvaraj described for Bakker and his audience a vision he said he was given during a prophetic conference in Gettysburg on July 4. In his vision, God was an enormous figure standing on the east coast holding a shepherd’s rod across the U.S. God told Selvaraj that He would judge America for its political crimes. Among the kinds of unrighteousness for which America will be judged, he said, are abortion and marriage equality.

Selvaraj delivered a similar message during a speaking engagement last year, during which he said that Jesus told him that Trump’s term is “the period of grace extended for this nation” and that Americans needed to surround Trump in prayer because he was under a witchcraft attack. Selvaraj describes himself as a former “staunch and orthodox Hindu” who at the age of 16 had “a life-changing supernatural encounter” with Jesus Christ.

During his recent interview with Bakker, Selvaraj said God told him that “diabolical secret alliances and plans” made during the Obama administration would have continued if Hillary Clinton had been elected, and that God had decided to make Trump president to give American Christians an opportunity to “establish righteousness in the land”:

Why Mr. Trump was elected president? Because God had heard the prayers of millions of Americans who had prayed for this nation over decades. He had heard their prayers and given them a chance, an opportunity, to put away evil and establish righteousness in the land. So Mr. Trump being voted to office for a period of four years is God’s opportunity, He’s giving them a chance because the Christians have prayed, so that they can put away evil, put away unrighteousness, and establish righteousness in the land.

Selvaraj said that several months before the 2016 election he was taken into heaven to appear before a council that is chaired by Abraham. Abraham told him that the council had descried to give “a period of respite to this nation”:

Now, respite for what? The respite is given to this nation so that it can turn back to the ways of God and do righteousness and holiness. So, a period of four years has been given unto this nation for it to put things right and to turn back to righteousness and holiness.

Selvaraj has delivered this message to Bakker’s audience before. Last December, he said Trump would serve as the “doorway” through which angles can “cleanse this nation of all the filth.” During the same week of appearances Selvaraj said that Jesus had revealed to him that Pope Francis is the False Prophet who the Book of Revelation says will make way for the Antichrist.