Peter LaBarbera: Trump Is ‘Tone-Deaf’ On LGBTQ Issues

Anti-LGBTQ activist Peter LaBarbera, who leads Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, criticized President Trump for renominating an LGBTQ rights advocate to her federal position and said doing so proved “how tone-deaf he still is on aspects of the LGBTQ agenda.”

Yesterday on “Janet Mefferd Live,” LaBarbera and Mefferd discussed Trump’s renomination of Chai Feldblum, a vocal LGBTQ activist, to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), of which both LaBarbera and Mefferd voiced their disapproval. LaBarbera said it was “crazy” that Trump would re-nominate Feldblum.

“He’s not going to get the radical homosexual activist vote, the transgender vote. Why do that? It just shows how tone-deaf he still is on aspects of the LGBTQ agenda, whereas on the life issue, where there’s so much political power—let’s face it now. There’s so much cultural momentum behind the life movement that Trump, I think, is much more steady on that.”

Later in the interview, LaBarbera said that Trump “has got to keep going on this religious freedom thing. The homosexual lobby is going nuts over this. They’re calling it religious-based discrimination. I saw one calling it—referring to the Gestapo. They just believe that rights based on homosexuality supersede our freedom of religion and that is just wrong.”