Peter LaBarbera: Religious Conservatives Should Work On Reversing Marriage Equality

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’s Peter LaBarbera told Religious Right radio host Janet Mefferd that Religious Right activists need to “think more like” LGBTQ activists and work on reversing marriage equality.

Last week, on Mefferd’s radio program, LaBarbera and Mefferd discussed whether the LGBTQ community’s demands for marriage equality were anything more than “a ruse from the beginning”, citing a Washington Examiner article that questions why there have not been more gay marriages. LaBarbera insisted there were ulterior motives behind marriage equality.

“A lot of times they’ll say they need something in order to get something further and they’ll do it and of course it’s only to win a victory and then they’ll move on to something else,” LaBarbera said. “And that’s what they’ve done here and this has gone on since the beginning of the movement.”

Mefferd brought up that she was baffled that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy had ever ruled in favor of marriage equality. LaBarbera speculated that Kennedy was “compromised,” perhaps because he had “some relative” was gay, leading him to become “the leading pro-homosexual activist on the high court.”

He went on to advocate for the Religious Right to work to overturn marriage equality.

“I see a lot of conservatives now telling me, ‘Oh, you know we can’t change the law back.’ Why not? When the homosexual side loses, they go say, ‘How are we going to change that?’ and that’s how we have to think. We have to think more like they do in politics,” LaBarbera said.