Perry Stone Says ‘The Gates Of Hell’ Were Opened Against Trump At His Inauguration

On a recent episode of Jim Bakker’s television program, Tennessee evangelist Perry Stone declared that “the gates of hell” were opened against President Trump during his inauguration because the name of Jesus was repeatedly invoked during the proceedings.

Stone said that he and his wife were in attendance for the inauguration and he marveled that “Jesus has been mentioned more in this inauguration than in any that I can remember,” which he said enraged Satan.

“I looked at her—and maybe this was prophetic—and I said, ‘Today, the gates of hell just opened,'” Stone declared. “Because the name of Jesus was spoken … because the atheists, the agnostics, the infidels,the unbelievers, the other religions resent Christianity and the name of Jesus being the source, this history, the culture, how we were founded, I said they will come against [Trump] and won’t even know why.”

“This man is going to come under attack,” Stone continued. “It will be a demonic inspired attack because Satan believes he may lose ground by freedom being allowed in places where there has not been freedom for the word of God to go, or for teaching to go or preaching to go. Honestly, I believe that was the starting point.”