Jim Bakker: Conservatives Never Marched Against Obama

Last week on “Revelation in the News,” televangelist Jim Bakker expressed outrage over reports that some Duquesne University students were protesting against a planned opening of Chick-fil-A on campus. The restaurant chain has faced criticism over its owner’s statements about homosexuality and same-sex marriage and the company’s donations to anti-LGBTQ groups.

Bakker linked the story to recent demonstrations against President Trump, insisting that conservatives never once marched against Barack Obama during his eight years in office: “We’ve got to stop this destruction, this destructive attitude in the United States of America. You know, the last eight years, I didn’t see any of the so-called right-wing marching against Obama.”

Bakker, who apparently missed the multiple anti-Obama demonstrations organized by Tea Party activists, anti-abortion groups and conservative media personalities, among others, has previously criticized those who protest Trump as demonpossessed people who are wrongly “blaspheming” the president.


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