Dave Daubenmire: Men Who Joined The Women’s March On Washington Are ‘Sissies’

Saturday’s Women’s March On Washington was bound to bring protest from radical figures such as David Daubenmire. On his “Pass The Salt” program today, the Religious Right activist shared a video of himself heckling marchers by calling male participants “sissies” and telling women, “You’re the one who spread your legs, don’t blame the baby.”

As a protester responded to Daubenmire antagonizing other marchers, he responded by shouting, “Hey sir, you’re a sissy! You’re a sissy! That’s right, if you were a real man you wouldn’t force your wife to be out here. You say, ‘Well, my husband supports me.’ Hah. Sure! You married a woman; that’s what you did. You made a sissy-man.”

“You’re the one who spread your legs, don’t blame the baby!” Daubenmire shouted at other marchers.

Daubenmire continued to attack the march and announced that “feminism is the rebellion against the laws and rules of god.”