Owen Benjamin: Transgender Rights Movement is a U.N.-Sponsored Eugenics Program

Owen Benjamin believes that growing public acceptance of transgender people is secretly part of a United Nations eugenics program involving billionaire Bill Gates.

Benjamin is a stand-up comedian turned right-wing pontificator who has been featured in prominent conservative media since he was permanently suspended from Twitter for making odd remarks about Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg’s genitals. After his Twitter suspension, Benjamin was able to mold his grievance and his outspokenness against transgender people into some minor celebrity status on the Right. He’s also been featured as a guest host on Infowars.

Yesterday, Benjamin told listeners of his podcast that he believes that the transgender rights movement, particularly those within it who recognize young people who identify as transgender, is part of a secret plot being orchestrated by the United Nations to control the human population on Earth.

“We live in a society where we give little boys pills when they act like little boys and they call it [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] and we call it an illness. And little boys that think they’re girls, we call that ‘brave’ and give them hormone blockers,” Benjamin said.

“I have no evidence for this,” he said, “but I think that part of the transgender thing is to lower the population. I think that there is a huge population control-type eugenics movement going on with the U.N. and a lot of these creeps like Bill Gates,” he said. “One of the best ways to ensure people don’t have kids is mess with their hormones as children.”