Janet Mefferd: Christians ‘Are Not To Bear False Witness’ By Addressing Transgender People With Proper Pronouns

Christian radio host Janet Mefferd lamented the fact that a California state bill aimed at criminalizing discrimination against LGBTQ seniors living in long-term living facilities did not include a religious exemption for Christians, who “are not to bear false witness” by using a transgender person’s preferred pronouns.

On yesterday’s episode of Janet Mefferd Live, Mefferd discussed an article published by The Daily Signal that claimed that the California bill violated the First Amendment rights of doctors and staff working with aging LGBTQ patients. Mefferd also claimed that the bill was offensive to Christians.

“When you consider that we are not to bear false witness as Christians, we cannot call people by the opposite pronoun that they really are,” Mefferd said. “We can’t. It’s lying. It’s engaging in a fiction that is dishonest, and the government cannot compel you to lie.”

“The fact that they will make no religious exemptions shows the fury with which they view us,” Mefferd continued. “And that’s really not an overstatement, by the way.”