Owen Shroyer Thinks Michelle Obama Is A Transgender Woman Seeking To Implement A ‘Demonic’ Culture

Owen Shroyer, a reporter and radio host for the conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, reinforced the outlet’s ongoing conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is secretly a transgender woman and part of a liberal plot to make “literally a Satanic culture” mainstream.

Yesterday, Shroyer discussed a story about a viral photo of drag queen who read books to children at the Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California, while wearing a costume that included horns and scary makeup. Shroyer asserted that the event happened at the library named after Michelle Obama because the former first lady is a transgender woman who used to be named “Michael.”

“Why do you think Michelle Obama is having this at her library, folks? It’s transsexual, OK. That’s a man, or it was a man. No, it is a man. Michael Obama,” Shoryer said. “So Michael Obama, now Michelle Obama, hosts LGBTQ history month at her library because that’s the community that her and her husband are a part of.”

Later in the broadcast, Shroyer said the book reading event was further evidence of Infowars’ broader theories about a liberal conspiracy to undermine American culture and replace it with a demonic culture.

“They want to sexualize the children. They want to bring this demonized culture, like literally Satanic culture, into the mainstream, have it at public libraries, and just pass it off as normal, accepted, this is just the norm now,” Shroyer said.

Infowars guest host and serial hoaxer Jack Posobiec agreed.

“They go after our institutions and our traditions,” Posobiec said. “They go after things like Dr. Seuss. They go after things like standing up for the American flag and showing patriotism at NFL games. They go after our sports. They go after our athletics. They look to take down everything that makes America America and then you see the type of things they want to replace it with.”