Breitbart Editor: Liberals Advance Transgender Rights To ‘Scrub Out’ Gender Differences, Oppress ‘Low-IQ’ People

Breitbart editor and reporter Neil Munro pictured as he heckled president Obama during a speech at the White House in 2012. (Screenshot/

Breitbart editor and reporter Neil Munro claimed today that progressive efforts to advance rights and acceptance for transgender people are part of a “preposterous effort” to deconstruct gender roles and create a society that “ordinary and low-IQ” people can’t navigate.

On today’s episode of Breitbart’s daily radio program, Munro told show host Alex Marlow that efforts to advance transgender rights, such as allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military, are part of larger scheme to undermine traditional society for personal gain.

“They want to deconstruct the idea of what boys and men should do in a good society and what men and women can do and should do in a good society,” he said.

Marlow said he was “in agreement” with Munro on the “the overall objective” of the transgender rights movement, but asked Munro to explain the movement’s “interest in undermining gender roles.”

“Power, ambition, selfishness,” Munro replied. “Feminists and universities and academia adopt this claim that there’s such a thing as a gender and therefore people can be transgender because it scrubs out the idea that men tend to focus on business and women tend to focus on relationships. Feminists hate that idea.”

Munro claimed the push for transgender rights is “a preposterous effort by a small bunch of clever, ambitious, selfish people to rewrite the basic rules of society” and that the effort is “deeply damaging to ordinary and low-IQ people who suddenly find themselves without any social rules, without any voice in how people should behave in such a jungle where then only the strongest and cleverest can prosper.”

Munro continued, “That’s the goal in the end, to mess up society, to mess up tradition and practice roles for the advantage of the clever and few. It’s a really rotten, rotten thing.”