Michele Bachmann Says We Are Living in ‘The Absolute Worst Times’ in American History

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann was among those who spoke during the first session of the Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand” conference Wednesday night. Following her remarks, Bachmann was interviewed backstage on Facebook Live by FRC’s Marjorie Jackson, who asked Bachmann what sort of battles she foresees for the nation in the years ahead.

Bachmann, who is currently dean of the school of government at Pat Robertson’s Regent University, responded by declaring that the United States’ government has been overthrown in a fascist coup, claiming that we are now living in the “absolute worst times” in this nation’s history.

“It’s tough to get much more draconian than we are right now,” Bachmann said. “Quite literally, the government has turned to fascism. That’s what we’re in. I believe we’re in a coup right now—which is an illegal hostile takeover of government—and I believe that that’s what we’re in the middle of.”

“When you have government forcing private businesses to fire people because the people aren’t complying with what government says, then you’re denying people the right to earn a living,” she continued. “In the book of Ecclesiastes, it says when you deny someone the right to their living, it’s the same as murder, and so our government is engaging in probably some of the most horrific actions we have ever seen. If you take all the bad actions of government throughout the entire history of the United States and you put them all together, they pale in comparison to what we’re seeing now. This is a very unique time, so people shouldn’t think they’re crazy when they’re looking at current events and wondering what’s going on. This really is the absolute worst times.”

It is shocking just how quickly America has supposedly fallen, given that just three years ago, Bachmann was boasting that we were living in “an unparalleled golden time” under former President Donald Trump.