Michael Savage: Bernie Sanders Could Stop ‘Antifa’ but Won’t

Michael Savage told Breitbart News listeners this morning that Sen. Bernie Sanders was personally responsible for anti-fascist protesters who have used violence during protests and that he refuses to put an end to the violence because those people are his “base” supporters.

“Bernie Sanders is the most dangerous man in current American political life. He is a classic Marxist. Everything he says could be said by Karl Marx prior to the Bolshevik Revolution,” Savage said.

He continued, “Bernie is the smartest man in politics. He’s the most evil because he knows what he’s doing and by whipping up the frenzy of the ignoramuses in the streets who put on bandannas and beat people up, Bernie is responsible. He’s the one who could stop it and he didn’t.”

Savage declared that anti-fascist demonstrators (dubbed “Antifa” by many) who have acted out in violent ways are Sanders’ “base” and claimed that Democrats use those protesters the same way Adolf Hitler used his gang of Brownshirts in Nazi Germany.

Savage then proceeded to rehash a bogus right-wing media smear against former Attorney General Eric Holder to suggest Holder encouraged Democrats to literally kick conservatives in the streets.