Michael Savage: Armed Militia Members Should Rally Outside Schumer’s House

On Wednesday, radio host Michael Savage dedicated his program to attacking Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. Savage blamed Schumer for the resignation of Mike Flynn, President Trump’s national security adviser who stepped down this week after it became clear that he misled administration officials about his conversations with Russia’s U.S. ambassador.

According to Savage, Schumer orchestrated a plot to push Flynn out of office. He urged armed demonstrators to protest in front of the senator’s house:

Why is there nothing going on? You know there’s probably 4 million armed men in this country, 4 million armed men, ex-military, police, militias, why are they not saying anything? Where are they? Why am I sitting here like a schmuck alone taking on so much on my shoulders? Where are they? Where are these 4 million men? I want to know why they’re not outside Schumer’s house in Brooklyn. That big tough guy Schumer ripping apart a great man like Flynn, I want to know why they’re not picketing Schumer, making his life a living hell as they’re making Trump’s wife’s life a living hell, the vermin on the left. You have Black Lives Matter disrupting society? How about Military Lives Matter disrupting these Communist bastards.

Savage said that a “rat” like Schumer should be more grateful for military leaders like Flynn, for without military men like Flynn, Schumer would have died in the Holocaust: “If it wasn’t for men like Gen. Flynn, you’d be speaking German or you’d be a lampshade.”