Michael Savage: Trump Saved White Children From Slavery

On an episode of his radio program posted online yesterday, Michael Savage declared that Donald Trump’s election has relieved his concerns about his future and the future of the country.

No longer, Savage said, does he fear that the government is spying on him and that “the FBI is going to throw a black bag over my head and take me away one night,” as he did under the “monster” Obama.

Savage added that Trump’s victory will deliver white children from certain slavery: “I don’t walk around fearing that it’s all coming to an end. I don’t walk around looking at little white children seeing future slaves anymore. Did you know that? Did you know that that’s what I used to see? I’d walk around and look at little white children and I’d shake my head and I’d say, ‘If this doesn’t stop, these children will be slaves in their own nation.’”