Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Apologize For Apologizing

  • David Barton continues to falsely claim that “if you speak in favor of marriage, you’re not allowed to hold office, you’re not allowed to run for office” in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Mario Murillo says that “not only is Trump not crazy” and “not only are his outbursts understandable,” but that “he has behaved with greater restraint than his predecessors who could never imagine this tyranny of fake news.”
  • The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is “announcing a campaign to draft Ann Coulter to run in the 2020 GOP Primary as the new MAGA candidate” because President Trump has apparently been too soft on the issue of immigration.
  • Dave Daubenmire declares that “if you think everything is OK, you’re wearing the tinfoil hat, you’re the fricking idiot.”
  • Finally, the National Organization for Marriage is demanding that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard apologize for apologizing for her past anti-LGBTQ views and statements.