Liz Crokin Predicts That Pedogate Conspiracy Theorists Will Be Vindicated Before Trump Leaves Office

Last night, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on a livestream where she predicted that all of those who have peddled wild conspiracy theories alleging that thousands of high-level political, business and entertainment figures are involved in cannibalistic satanic pedophilia will be fully vindicated before President Trump leaves office.

While appearing on a Through The Black livestream, Crokin said that the recent efforts by social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to crack down on the people who use the sites to spread conspiracy theories and toxic rhetoric is a desperate attempt by Satan to silence those who are bravely telling the truth about the evil being perpetrated.

“Thank God we have a president who understands what is going on,” she said. “He is dismantling the deep state and one of his top priorities is to end sex trafficking. So, you know, Satan has been cornered; they’re in a corner and what does a rabid animal do when it’s cornered? It just lashes out. They’re gasping for their last breaths of air, they’re so desperate, all their narratives are falling apart, like the Florida shooting, it was such a blatant false flag to the point where it is just ridiculous. They’re so desperate that they’re just doing anything they can to try to win this battle because they’re losing so bad and they know it.”

“We will all be vindicated, I know it,” she added. “Very soon. Definitely within our lifetimes, but very soon, before President Trump’s presidency is over. We are living in biblical times, we are living in a time where God is exposing all evil.”

Crokin confidently predicted that “all of this stuff is going to be exposed and we’ll all going to be vindicated” and that all of the people who mocked them are going to be totally humiliated when the truth finally comes out that Hillary Clinton is “involved in the rape, trafficking, and torture of children.”

“What are they going to do when they find out that they have been so brainwashed and fooled?” she said. “And how humiliating for these people, they are going to be mortified that they were so fooled and they were so dumb and they were so naive.”