Liz Crokin: Chrissy Teigen’s Attack On Me Was A ‘White Hat False Flag’ Orchestrated By Trump

Earlier this month, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin wound up in the news after she insinuated that celebrities John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are involved in a Hollywood pedophilia ring. Now, Crokin is suggesting that the entire controversy was orchestrated by President Trump as part of a “white hat false flag” effort aimed at preparing America for a coming wave of arrests of thousands of powerful and influential pedophile satanists.

As we noted before, Crokin believes that an anonymous figure known only as “QAnon” who posts on 4chan forum boards is actually Trump himself and that he has been using this outlet to drop hints about his efforts to crack down on the satanic pedophile ring that runs the world. Crokin and others insist that there are thousands of sealed indictments that are soon to be handed down and that flights containing high-ranking pedophiles who are trying to flee the country before they are arrested are routinely being diverted by government authorities.

Back in December, Teigen and Legend were on a flight to Japan that was returned to Los Angeles after it was reportedly discovered that an unauthorized passenger had been allowed to board. As Crokin told YouTube host Sarah Westall over the weekend, this flight was probably actually diverted back to L.A. because Teigen and Legend were among those under sealed indictment and they were offered a deal in which they were told to attack Crokin on Twitter so as to create news that would help to raise awareness about things like “Pizzagate” in order to prepare Americans for the looming exposure of widespread ritual satanic child sexual abuse.

“Q is a coordinated effort by President Trump and his team to wake up the masses to what is going on with our government, with these pedophile elite satanists behind the scenes so when the arrests are announced and these people are thrown in Gitmo and that goes public, there will be the least amount of civil unrest as possible,” Crokin said. “First, it kind of needs to happen in the alternative media on the 4chans, then it needs to trickle down to the more alternative media, people like myself, people like you, and then it slowly will start creeping into the mainstream media.”

Crokin went on to say that someone sent her a message recently suggesting that Teigen and Legend “were one of the sealed indictments and that they brokered a deal and part of the deal was to attack me as a positive, white hat false flag to get Pizzagate back in the mainstream media to wake people up.”

Crokin said that the news reports about her battle against Teigen and Legend have inspired people to look into the Pizzagate theory themselves and start to ask questions like “why are these people ordering $65,000 worth of hot dogs to the White House under Obama’s administration?”

When Westall asked what the significance of that was, Crokin explained that “hot dog” is pedophile code for “little boy.”