Liz Crokin: California Mudslides Were God’s Punishment On Oprah For Attacking Trump

Last week, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on the “TradCatKnight Radio” program, where she confidently declared that President Trump will not be assassinated because he is protected by God and that God will instantly punish anyone who dares to oppose His anointed.

“Of course they are going to try [to assassinate him], but I do believe that Trump is God’s anointed,” Crokin said. “I used to worry about that but I don’t any more. I truly believe that he is protected, that he is God’s anointed and God will not let anything happen to him.”

“Every time I get nervous and I worry about him,” she continued, “when somebody attacks him in the media or someone jumps the fence at the White House, that person meets instant karma. You look at all these celebrities that have tried to trash him and spoke out against him, they literally are meeting—like, for example, Oprah—and I know she didn’t specifically mention Trump at her speech at the Golden Globes but let’s all be real here, she is not a fan of Trump’s, she is part of the club and she is against him. The stunt that she pulled at the Golden Globes was against what we stand for and it was against Trump. Well, what happened within 48 hours of her dog and pony show at the Golden Globes? Her frickin’ house is in the middle of a mud slide and Oprah is stuck in this mudslide. I mean, God is unleashing his wrath on anyone that goes against God’s anointed, and that is Trump and his army.”

“I believe that we are protected because God is fed up,” Crokin added. “He has had enough. It’s time for the rats to be exposed and these people that sit on their high horse and they trash God’s anointed will meet immediate karma.”

Crokin asserted that recent injuries suffered by country singer Carrie Underwood and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn were also examples of God meting out punishment to those who dared to criticize Trump.

“There is story after story after story of anyone that comes out against Trump is just, like, struck by lightning the next day,” she said.