Dave Hodges: Facilities Housing Separated Immigrant Children Are Either Test FEMA Camps Or Child Sex-Trafficking Operations

Fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on Dave Hodges’ “The Common Sense Show” on Sunday where she and Hodges discussed their concerns that the facilities that are being used to house immigrant children who have been separated from their parents at the southern border are being used for sex trafficking.

Crokin, who has made a career out of accusing anyone and everyone of being involved in satanic pedophilia and child sex trafficking, amazingly claimed that she had heard nothing about the issue of family separation, despite the fact that it has been dominating the news cycle for weeks. We are actually inclined to believe Crokin’s claim of ignorance on this issue because the course of the discussion she had with Hodges clashed rather obviously with her other obsession, which is praising President Trump as “a real life super hero” who is “never wrong.”

Hodges asked Crokin her thoughts about Sen. Jeff Merkely’s effort to inspect one of the facilities in which the government is housing children who have been separated from their parents, only to be denied entry. When Crokin said that she hadn’t heard anything about it, Hodges raised his concerns that something nefarious was taking place in these facilities.

“This set off alarm bells for me,” Hodges said. “To me, there has got to be something funny going on there. It’s one of two things: they’re beta-testing a FEMA camp or it’s child sex-trafficking and I think it’s the latter.”

“Yeah,” Crokin replied, saying the entire story “is really scary.”