‘Let’s Not Allow This to Happen Again’: Robert Henderson Compares the 2020 Election to 9/11

During an appearance on the Destiny Image YouTube channel on the recent anniversary of 9/11, Trump-loving right-wing pastor Robert Henderson likened those terror attacks to the upcoming election, imploring Christians to “not allow this to happen again.”

Henderson, who claims to have secured President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory by beseeching “the courts of Heaven” and asserts that he has been called by God to serve as Trump’s spiritual running mate in 2020, claimed to have had a dream 10 years after the 9/11 attacks in which he was shown that they occurred because the church had failed to unify and take spiritual authority over the nation.

“The Lord gave me a dream, actually 10 years after the fact, where I saw in the spirit realm what allowed 9/11 to happen,” Henderson said. “I was told in this dream that 9/11 occurred because just like there were four living creatures [in the Book of Revelation] crying out, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ that just like there were four of those before the throne of God or the court of Heaven, if you will, there were four demonic counterparts in that day saying, ‘BOC’—B-O-C, I knew in the dream it was B-O-C—’BOC denied, BOC denied, BOC denied.'”

“When I got up and did some research, I very quickly found out that BOC was an acronym for ‘Body of Christ’ and that the reason 9/11 occurred was not the judgment of God, it was the absence of the church,” he continued. “In other words, we weren’t where we needed to be. We weren’t in unity. We weren’t bound together. We were all doing our own individual thing, and because of that, we lost our right to stand in the courts of Heaven in an effective way and plead for our nation.”

“I want to say to us today as the church, the reason 9/11 occurred, it wasn’t the judgment of God, it was the absence of the church taking its position and taking its role,” Henderson continued. “Here’s my admonition: Let’s not do it again. Let’s not allow this to happen again. For goodness sake, for the sake of the Lord and his purposes, and for our sake and the sake of our generations to come, let’s pray, let’s seek to face Lord, let’s gather ourselves together, and let’s go vote biblical values. Let’s vote and get President Trump back into office. Let’s vote and get the Senate, let it maintain its conservative values, and let’s vote and turn the House of Representatives back over to Republican leadership.”