Conservative Christians Must Back Trump in 2020 and ‘Break the Backs of the Left,’ Says Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on June 14, 2019

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a relentless cheerleader for President Donald Trump, said on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business Channel show on Friday night that he hopes the 2020 election will “break the backs of the left” because the survival of America is at stake.

Jeffress said he will be in Orlando on Tuesday for the official launch of Trump’s re-election campaign because “this next election in 2020 is not only about giving the president a second term, I believe it’s about the survival of our nation.” This is a undoubtedly a message the Religious Right will be repeating endlessly between now and the 2020 election.

Jeffress said that an attempted “coup” was instigated against Trump because “the left hates the direction the president is taking this country.” If the left gets control, he said, “they’re never going to let go and it’s going to be the end of America as we know it.”

“And that is why, as a Christian, I am standing up and encouraging other Christians to stand up for this president and his godly policies,” Jeffress continued. “I believe, as millions of Christians do, this is America’s last chance. We can’t get it wrong.”

Jeffress responded to a question about New York City allocating money to a fund that pays clinics for abortions for women who cannot afford to pay by saying that “New York City is trying to become a sanctuary city for killing babies, and that is truly evil.” He urged Christian leaders in New York to “get their people into the streets and raise holy hell about this.”

Jeffress also defended Trump and his evangelical supporters from criticism by Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. “I don’t know any policy the president has that is non-Christian,” Jeffress asserted, “He is the most pro-Christian president that we’ve had in history.”

Beginning on June 24, Jeffress will expand his media footprint when Fox Nation begins airing his “Pathway to Victory” program.

Dr. Robert Jeffress on Lou Dobbs Tonight 6-14-19 from First Dallas on Vimeo.