Robert Henderson Secured Trump’s Election in ‘The Courts of Heaven’

Today’s episode of “The Jim Bakker Show” featured an interview with right-wing pastor Robert Henderson, who claimed to have interceded on behalf of Donald Trump in “the courts of heaven” during the Republican primary in 2016 and was directly responsible for Trump being elected president.

Henderson, who was on the show to promote his book, “Prayers and Declarations that Open the Courts of Heaven,” warned that those who dare to oppose Trump are actually “fighting against God.”

“He’s God’s choice,” Henderson said. “They can try all day long to remove him, they will not remove him. God said, ‘I set him as the president,’ and they can fight, and they can curse, and they can do all that they want; the problem is that they’re fighting against God.”

Henderson then claimed that he had a prophetic dream in March 2016 in which then-candidate Trump appealed to him “do a conference” before the courts of heaven “to shift things concerning my campaign so that I will win.”

“And so I did that,” Henderson said. “We stood in the courts of heaven, in the council of the Lord, and in that council, God told me to make a decree out of James 1:11, which is, ‘All flesh is as grass, and flower is as the glory of the grass.’ And he said to me, ‘Here’s what I want you to do, as you stand here, I want you to decree that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is as grass and that she is as the flower of the grass, and the burning, searing, exposing heat of God will come and bring exposure, and she will wither away and Donald Trump will be the president of the United States.'”

“We did that,” he added, “and that’s exactly what happened.”